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What is a living roof?

Posted by John Noriega on Friday, April 30, 2010,

California Academy of the Sciences

Green roof technology is becoming very popular as a component for sustainable design.  Also known as a living roof, this new roof construction has achieved much value in LEED and NAHB green certification scoring and is more recently gaining popularity in city ordinances for new construction.  As green roofs in new construction projects increase in popularity it is important to know what a green roof is, the purpose of a green roof, and what is involved in...

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Why Sustainability is in Demand

Posted by John Noriega on Friday, April 23, 2010,

Sustainable construction advantages are based on innovations that correct the defficiencies of traditional building practices.  Here are several reasons why sustainability is in demand.

First off, ¼ of the world’s virgin wood is used for construction.  This, in addition to mining, contributes to deforestation and eventually flooding and siltation.  These processes destroy ecosystems that are home to many plants and animals.

Also, a major issue with standard building construction is its d...

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Welcome to the Sustainable Construction Blog!

Posted by John Noriega on Sunday, April 18, 2010,
This website will cover many interesting aspects of sustainable construction practices as new products and technology are implemented into the construction industry.  Follow along as breaking news stories and products are analyzed and reviewed.  This blog was created by Architectural Engineering student John Noriega in order to interact with other professionals in the industry and discuss sustainable construction.  The blog is also made to appeal to America's homeowners as it will discuss the...
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