--New energy management technology helps connect smart, sustainable buildings to utility companies; the Tendril Connect offers energy savings on a whole new level.

The Tendril Connect platform utilizes the Tendril Smart Grid at a residential level to bring successful energy management to property owners.  This aspect is the cornerstone of Tendril’s attempt to develop the “Energy Internet.”  The Energy Internet gathers knowledge on energy consumption and trends from the local grid to help utilities, ecosystem partners, and consumers work together in an effort to lower peak demands and overall consumption.  This is the fundamental advantage that Tendril Connect has over other software platforms.  Tendril Connect allows property owners to manage their energy usage, not only based on their consumption, but others as well, making the entire network of consumers more efficient.  The Tendril Connect works with a variety of supplemental technologies that are compatible with its Home Area Network (HAN).

Regardless of the details of what makes Tendril so comprehensive and useful, is a user friendly operating system with all of the bells and whistles that make it attractive and fun for today’s users.  The Tendril Energize application is available for use on your iPhone and home computer making the overall management of your utilities that much easier.  It also tracks the performance of your home and shares energy efficiency statistics over time with the energy internet community.  This makes energy management competitive and helps to spread interest in energy management.

The Tendril Setpoint is one of the most useful and powerful components of the energy management system.  This networked thermostat shares vital information as to how much of each utility a property owner is using at anytime, and consequently how much the user is spending.  While providing this feedback to in home monitors or your iPhone or iPod touch, the user can respond by wirelessly changing HVAC settings or developing their own automated price plan.  In the automated price rules, the owner can tell its system how much it wants to pay and find out its optimal energy consumption schedule that saves money without compromising comfort.

Similarly, the Tendril Volt manages electrical utilities in the same manner as the Setpoint thermostat handles HVAC.  The Volt is a three-pronged device that plugs into the standard wall outlet and provides the user with information regarding each appliances energy consumption and allows the owner to turn these devices on or off using an in home monitor or the energize iPhone app.  This device will also report statistics back to the energy internet so utilities can view specifically which type of appliances are consuming energy and when.