is quickly becoming a popular name within the sustainable construction industry and for good reason.  ZamRay offers unique services in one convenient location that can effectively connect the construction industry.  While the main purpose of this internet start up is to allow its users to buy and sell surplus and reclaimed material, there are many other components of the website that make it a useful source to improve construction projects across the nation.

Earlier this week I had a chance to converse with the founder and managing director of ZamRay, Kurt Fisher.  The following Email interview with Kurt reveals a unique and in-depth outlook of what ZamRay has accomplished and their plans for the future.

Interview with Kurt Fisher, founder/managing director of

Since its soft launch earlier this year, many additions have been made to  What aspect of “connecting the construction industry” do you pride yourself on the most?  In other words, which feature of the website do you feel is most powerful in connecting the industry?

The ability for contractors and distributors to finally have a reputable venue to buy and sell their surplus materials has and always be our cornerstone service.  It’s what makes us unique.

Our discussion forum and articles sections where you can choose to write or post something in over 30 industry-specific categories is going to be very popular.

Just the fact there is something on ZamRay for everyone on ZamRay, whether you are the CEO or a large General contractor or the smallest of tradesmen working with one truck.
Finally, I think our social media connectivity is proving to be very popular.

It is not hard to see how ZamRay offers services to the construction industry that can greatly contribute to sustainable construction projects.  In addition to the support of the Sustainable Construction Blog, have you made any connections to other affiliations in the sustainable construction industry?

Yes!  We are now members of the USGBC and we are in the process of getting heavily involved with the local USGBC chapter in our hometown of Denver, CO.   We are also working on trying to figure out a way for when building owners use ZamRay for buying or selling recycled materials in can count towards LEED certification points or credits.
ZamRay has been referred to as the Craigslist of the construction industry.  In what ways does ZamRay make it easier and more practical for contractors to buy and sell surplus material?

Well for one it says a lot when we are referred to as the Craig’s List of the industry!

1.  Simplicity – Anything we put on our site has to be simple for people to use.  Our buy and sell functionality was designed with that in mind where it is extremely easy to place and view ads

2.  Search capabilities – The key to our buy/sell process is how simple and granular you can get on searching for material.  Especially in the electrical industry, where there are over 10,000 parts & pieces and being able to search by a part#, size, location is absolutely huge.

3.  It’s practical because there is an obvious void in the buy/sell.  Having been on both the contracting side and distribution side of the industry I experienced first-hand all the left over material that goes to waste.  If you can buy or sell something for 40 to 60 cents on the dollar why wouldn’t you.

I see is becoming very popular and has accumulated quite a few votes for the CONEXPO’s most innovative product/technology.  Are there any new updates to the website that will be revealed at the show in Las Vegas next week?

We were hoping to have our Mobile App on I-Pad and I-Phone ready to launch but we are not quite there yet.  We have a new fun & interactive section to our website that we just implemented.  Other than that we are just going to promote how successful ZamRay has been since its inception January 6th.   There aren’t many websites that can say they have had 70,000 page views in their first 9 weeks.


A big thanks to Kurt Fisher and our friends at ZamRay for taking the time to conduct this interview.  Their work is appreciated in the sustainable construction industry and we wish with them the best of luck in their continued endeavors.  Please support by visiting their website and signing up as a registered user.