On Sunday, May 16th, Philadelphia University celebrated over 125 years of educating by honoring their graduates.  The University has been changing their approach to education to become a model university for the 21st century.  Their strategic plan under the new president Dr. Stephen Spinelli is based on interdisciplinary projects and design for innovation.  This direction has led the schools of design, engineering, and business to collaborate on projects throughout the academic year.  These academic projects have a strong focus on sustainable innovations.  New programs have also been established that focus on educating professionals for the sustainable construction field.  New programs include a B.S. in Environmental Sustainability, M.S. in Sustainable Design, and an M.S. in Construction Management that emphasizes sustainable construction.  Philadelphia University is truly creating a model university for the future that will educate professionals for the sustainable construction industry. For more information about how the university is leading the green revolution check out the latest issue of the Innovator.