Project FROG is a company based out of San Francisco, California that has developed and produced a complete line of prefabricated modular classroom buildings.  These state of the art structures achieve net zero energy standards and provide an optimal learning environment.  The company was founded in 2006, when co-founder Mark Miller set out to design “the most technologically advanced, energy efficient building system on the planet.”  As it states on their website, they claim they have done so. 

There is no doubt this building has set the standard for modular prefab sustainability.  I’m sure many new prefab structures will do their best to knock-off the design for other uses.  Right now their products serve as modular school classrooms but could easily be transformed into offices or even housing.  

The design is simple and functional.  Looking at it, I cannot believe it hasn’t been designed and built years ago.  The building is designed under several fundamental sustainable principles; increased day lighting, zero-energy consumption, airtight building envelope, environmentally responsible materials, and minimal construction site waste.  Studies have shown that these sustainable prefab buildings provide natural amenities to enhance student learning and test scores.