Residential energy audits are the first step in cutting energy costs. Before eliminating energy loss in your home you must first identify where your house is losing the most energy. Using this information you are more capable of effectively cutting energy costs without wasting time and money on projects that may not produce as valuable results.

Another way to save money and increase the return on investment for your energy efficiency projects is to perform the energy audit yourself. While a professional home energy audit provides a thorough analysis of all energy loss in a home, a DIY energy audit can be just as effective if done correctly. These tools can be used to perform your DIY energy audit at very little cost compared to a professional audit.

The Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector is very easy to use and is useful to perform seasonal energy audits. The thermal leak detector is a dramatically cheaper alternative to a thermo imaging camera used by professionals. Thermo imaging cameras start around $1,500 dollars and take radiometric images to locate air leaks. The Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector detector is a similar looking device that retails for $64 and provides the same results. The thermal leak detector works using an infrared thermometer to take a thermal measurement at different points along a building envelope. By reporting the temperature at different points along a wall the user can locate hidden energy leaks. It is very useful in revealing leaky windows, doors, uninsulated walls, pipes, ducts and more.

When performing a DIY energy audit using this tool, you can identify which walls to insulate and which windows and doors to replace. This allows you to maximize return by only replacing windows and doors that leak energy.

Another very useful tool in performing a home energy audit is a Kilowatt meter. The EZ Electricity Usage Monitor helps homeowners recognize which appliances are drawing the most power on any given day. As the cost of electricity increases it is more beneficial than ever to cut back on electric usage.

More often than not homeowners don’t realize what really makes a difference on your energy bill. Typically, a homeowner’s first action is to turn off the lights when not in use. While this is a good idea, it is not necessarily the most beneficial. More often than not appliances, computers, cable boxes, and other electronics that are constantly plugged in draw the most power throughout the day. Whatever the cause, the KILL A WATT EZ Electricity Usage Monitor will help you find what is consuming the most electricity in your home and help you cut the cost of your monthly utilities.