The sun's energy is one of the most overlooked contributors to the high energy costs that homeowner's face every month. Solar heat gain is used to refer to heat from the sun that enters your home through windows and skylights even when they are closed.  This heat must be removed by your air conditioning making it work harder and costing you more money.  A very cost effective way to control this heat and help keep your energy bills down is to use residential low E window films. 

These easy, sustainable, DIY protective coatings use the same spectrally selective glass technologies that are used in some of the most energy efficient skyscrapers and commercial buildings.  Spectrally selective window films help to manage the sun's energy all year round; keeping 55% of winter heating in your home and reflecting 70% of solar heat gain in the summer.  At a negligible investment compared to new windows, you can see the return on your investment through lowered utility costs in as little as a few months!

One of the best and most affordable window films is the Gila LES361 Platinum window films.  In addition to energy savings, this low E residential window film can offer several other priceless benefits.  By reflecting 99% of harmful UV rays you are protecting your interior furnishings from fading.  The Gila window film also rejects 67 percent of glare, filling your interior spaces with more pleasant natural light that does not heat up your home and drive up energy costs.

Remember to be smart when installing your low E window films!  It is possible that protective coatings are not necessary for every window in your home to see results.  In the northern hemisphere the south facing sides of homes are responsible for most of the solar heat gain.  Coating these windows will allow effective natural light in, while rejecting unwanted heat gain.  North facing windows will not see much if any direct sunlight and therefore may not need to be coated.  Realizing this will help cut down the initial investment without reducing savings in energy costs!

The Gila window film is a great product for your next sustainable DIY renovation project. This product is manufactured and packaged in the USA to ensure that it is produced to the highest standards in sustainablility and quality.