This summer I am finishing up my engineering degree at Philadelphia University and decided to highlight the progress of my capstone project in this blog.  Right now it is unclear of where I will be taking this project on a day to day basis but I have a general idea of what I would like to accomplish and a hypothetical project schedule that will help keep me on track to deliver the project presentation in July.  Hopefully writing this blog will help me keep my work organized and focused to deliver the best final product I can. 

The Project

My project is focused on a senior living community that is being designed for a site in southeast Pennsylvania.  For the duration of the project I will be working with on a team, including an engineer who is looking to develop this project at one or several sites in the area. He has shared his ideas for the building relating to its design, program, energy efficiency desires, and sustainable features.   I also am working closely with my project advisor at Philadelphia University, Chris Pastore. 

I only have 8 weeks to work on the project but plan to develop this conceptual design to a realistic model of an energy efficient, sustianable building that includes residential units, commercial space, and community spaces to bring it all together.  A building of these amenities allows active seniors to live a sustianable, comfortable and healthy lifestyle.  Perhaps one of the largest aspects that will be emphasized in this project is how affordable living this lifestyle becomes when smart engineering decisions are made. 

Keep in mind this is an engineering design project; I am not an architect or a designer.  The design of the building is very realistic and modular, and must have a certain aesthetic style to appeal to its occupants and meet zoning restrictions of the intended site.

Below is a quick rendering of the design I have taken from my sketchUP model.  My next post will include conceptual floor plans.