The Sustainable Construction Blog is proud to announce their newest partner, the Energy Efficient Lighting SupplyEnergy Efficient Lighting Supply has recently launched their brand new store of affordable automated lighting supplies for all your energy efficient lighting needs. 

The store features many products, but most proudly offers the lowest prices on occupancy sensor switches.  This modern lighting component can save you loads of money on your energy bills, while providing the interior of your home or office a futuristic, upgraded look.  Occupancy sensors range from ceiling mounted to wall mounted and passive infrared to ultrasonic.  Whether you are looking for residential or commercial use, Energy Efficient Lighting Supply is sure to have you covered.

We are most proud to partner with Energy Efficient Lighting Supply because of their commitment to sustainability and smart DIY renovations.  Keep checking back at for the latest in automated in lighting technology, and their line of LED under cabinet lighting kits and components for your next sustainable kitchen renovation.