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Energy Efficient Lighting Supply

Posted by John Noriega on Monday, April 16, 2012,

The Sustainable Construction Blog is proud to announce their newest partner, the Energy Efficient Lighting SupplyEnergy Efficient Lighting Supply has recently launched their brand new store of affordable automated lighting supplies for all your energy efficient lighting needs. 

The store features many products, but most proudly offers the lowest prices on occupancy sensor switches.  This modern lighting component can save you loads of money on your energy bills, while providing the inter...

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Sustainable Construction ROI: the true value of sustainability

Posted by John Noriega on Saturday, June 26, 2010,

McKinney Green Building: sustainable ROI project

An engineering consulting group, HDR, based out of Omaha, Nebraska has developed a new process that is used to evaluate sustainable project benefits.  The process and its viability are becoming accepted by the building industry as a means of justifying the value of sustainable investments.  Now project owners can compare a financial return on investment to a sustainable return on investment and clearly see a reason to build sustainably or not...

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