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Choosing a Low-E Window

Posted by John Noriega on Saturday, March 31, 2012,

In a recent post, we explained the benefits of using DIY low-emissivity coatings to insulate your current windows at the fraction of the cost of replacing them.  But if you are designing a new sustainable building or home and have the opportunity to select your windows from the cutting edge options available today, these general guidelines will help you make logical decisions.
There is a true science behind low-e coatings that bares the necessity of mentioning that no two low-e coatings a...

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How R-Values are Measured

Posted by John Noriega on Tuesday, March 8, 2011,
In sustainable construction, one of the most proven and sought after energy reducing techniques is superinsulating in new construction or retrofitting an old building with more efficient or additional insulation.  When installed correctly, insulation is very effective in reducing energy loads on HVAC systems by keeping a more regulated and constant indoor temperature.  There are many types of insulation ranging from spray foam, to loose-fill batt, to rigid EPS, and choosing which one to use c...
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