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BIM Software for Sustainability

Posted by John Noriega on Friday, June 4, 2010,

--Designing sustainable buildings

Advancements in software technology have led a new architectural drafting revolution.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) software provides an innovative approach to developing a set of construction drawings for a building.  Compared to CAD, the BIM software essentially creates a drawing for the user according to the provided input, hence the name, ‘information modeling.’  There are many additional advantages that BIM has over CAD software. 

In gene...

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World leaders of sustainable construction

Posted by John Noriega on Sunday, May 30, 2010,

As the U.S. seems to be leading the world in many political aspects, how does their sustainable infrastructure rank against the rest of the world?  The truth is the United States is far behind other countries in terms of sustainable design and construction.  Many leading countries including Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Ireland are home to corporations developing the latest and greatest innovations in the sustainable construction industry

Why is the U.S. behind?  I think it has ...

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Welcome to the Sustainable Construction Blog!

Posted by John Noriega on Sunday, April 18, 2010,
This website will cover many interesting aspects of sustainable construction practices as new products and technology are implemented into the construction industry.  Follow along as breaking news stories and products are analyzed and reviewed.  This blog was created by Architectural Engineering student John Noriega in order to interact with other professionals in the industry and discuss sustainable construction.  The blog is also made to appeal to America's homeowners as it will discuss the...
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