--Thermal insulated window treatments act as a similar energy efficient retrofit as low E window films.

In a recent post, the use of low E residential window films was discussed as a viable opportunity to reduce solar heat gain.  Solar heat gain is perhaps one of the largest contributors to high cooling costs in warmer months.  In addition, UV rays entering your house can cause furniture to be destroyed.  There are plenty of undeniable reasons why solar heat gain can be devastating to a home's ability to be energy efficient; the question is what can be done to reduce or prevent it?

If low E residential window films don't seem to be a practical solution, or if you are looking for additional protection against solar heat gain, one should consider the use of energy efficient curtains or blinds. 

Mostly all windows in a home or office that look directly into occupied spaces need curtains or blinds for privacy at night and to shade the interior when not as much direct sunlight is desired.  When shopping for curtains and blinds for these instances consider options that use liners or materials that reject UV rays that cause solar heat gain and damage your furnishings.  Here are some great selections that are stylish and energy efficient. 

Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain
by Best Home Fashion

These curtains come in a variety of colors and are sold in pairs at 84 inch length and feature a sleek, contemporary look with solid grommet top fittings that slip right over any standard or designer curtain rod.  Laboratory testing concludes that these curtains will block 100% of UV rays and will insulate against heat and cold.  Also available in 63" length for $59.99.

Imperial Matchstick Bamboo Roll-up Blinds(30 x 72)
by Radiance

These indoor/outdoor blinds filter harmful UV rays, offering energy efficient insulating qualities.  Use these blinds on your windows and notice a decrease in your home or office's energy demands.  Also available in 36" and 48" widths.